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Hello! My name is Roberta Montgomery, and I own and operate The Sugared Squirrel.
I offer luxury custom designed sugar cookies & decorating classes, paper flower design and fibre design. I run a cottage bakery from my home in beautiful Carson Valley, NV. My husband and I have been married for 18 years and are blessed with 4 children; 3 adult daughters and 1 teenage son. We also have 3 beautiful grandchildren and 2 granddoggies! I have had a love for art, baking and creating anything with my hands since I was very young.

Being the only child of an artistic father and a very talented mother who was always cooking something delicious, i was blessed with the perfect environment to nurture my love for all things creative.

Throughout my adult life, I have done many things; Graphic & paper Design, Cosmetology, and Baking to name a few. The Sugared Squirrel is the perfect way for me to share my love of all things creative with you.

I am so excited to create with you!